Welcome to Viva – A new LOOK

Hello my Viva Beauties,

It has taken some time, two and a half years in fact, but we have finally launched our new website! Take some time to look around, it is nothing complicated, hopefully just an easy way to find the information you are looking for.

Keep an eye out over the next 6 months in salon and online for “online bookings” soon to be available. But for now, keep calling, texting, facebook-ing, emailing…we are ok with all forms of contact.

So, the reason for the change- The old website did unfortunately look a little bit like a high schoolers attempt in 4th period graphics class! I also needed the website to better express my specific style and personality.

I essentially began the change with the design of a new logo, which I hand sketched and then had my WIZZ of a best friend/graphic design extraordinaire , turned it into the beautiful logo we have on here now. I needed the new logo to reflect my view for the future, my love of all things natural and the simple things in life. Now there are a lot of Tree logos out there but this one is an original and there is more to the story than simply a tree, but you will have to watch this space for more exciting revelations.

The new website, logo and feel of our space I believe is starting to reflect the kind of place Viva is. Viva is a happy place. A space full of light and love. A place where people feel comfortable and at home with their therapist because their Beauty Therapist knows more about them than probably their family does (sometimes). At Viva we want to get to know you, build relationships and go on a journey together. You will never feel like a “number” at Viva, you will always know who you will be seeing at your next appointment and will be given the TIME required to ensure a top level beauty treatment.

Soph and I have over 15 years Beauty Industry experience between us, so we certainly know what we are doing. We are passionate about the industry, about skin and about our clients, and I believe this is what makes us unique. This isn’t a “job” to us, this is a passion and we love every single day that we walk up those stairs into our cute little salon.

We may be tucked away in a quaint little boutique above a pharmacy in North Hobart but this is just the beginning for Viva. Come on a journey with us. You won’t be disappointed and hey it’s probably going to be a wild ride!

We hope you enjoy the new website and it makes things a bit easier to find. I will be writing a few blogs every now and then about the “goings-on” at Viva and what we are getting up to behind the scenes, beauty tips, of course A LOT of chatting about skin and our beautiful Dr Spiller, new treatments (lash lift etc) on offer, new products, I will get a bit scientific every now and then, and pretty much just write about anything that I think you might all enjoy! So remember to check back in and have a cheeky peruse as you might stumble across something of interest. (I will send a shout out on social media when a new blog is up just in case).

If you aren’t already, make sure to follow us on Facebook (Viva La Beauty) and Instagram (vivahobart).

See you in the salon soon Viva Beauties, have a safe and HAPPY Christmas and New Years.

Much Love,
Ash xx

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