Welcome to Viva! I, Ash, am the owner of Viva as well as one of the two senior therapists catering to all of our beautiful clients beauty needs. I started my beauty journey in 2012 working in both laser clinics and beauty salons. After working in a number of large salons I very quickly realised that I wanted to own my own salon but wanted a small boutique salon where we got to know our clients and offered a high end service.

I have a passion for beauty, especially Skin, Brows and Lashes! I love making our clients feel confident and beautiful whether it be improving skin health or creating amazing brows. The beauty industry is full of people trying to sell people products and services, so I am committed to earning my clients trust and educating them only in products and treatments that will benefit them.

Outside of Viva I have a little boy, Cooper, that I am at home with part time in between days at Viva and the behind the scenes running of the salon. I love the work life balance that Viva allows Soph and I. Together we are an amazing team that are there for our clients whenever they need us.

Viva has become a family to me and every one of our clients mean the world to me as they are the reason I am able to balance my work life and personal life, and be with my little boy.

Thank you to all my current and future Viva Beauties, your loyalty means so much to us, see you in the salon soon xxx